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Congratulations to Bhavna Middha on completing her PhD

Bhavna Middha, one of the recipients of the Sustainable Urban Precinct Program’s PhD scholarship, as a part of its work-life ecologies project, has recently completed and passed her PhD examination with flying colours.

Bhavna’s project was conducted under the supervision of A/Professor Yolande Strengers, Prof. Tania Lewis and Dr Susie Moloney.

Her research has developed the concept of ‘lived space’ to identify ways of reimagining eating spaces at inner-urban universities to develop pathways towards sustainable consumption. It does so by examining the relationships between spaces provided for food provisioning and consumption, and eating practices of students at RMIT University, using ethnography including digital methods.

In one of the examiner’s words, “This is a wide-ranging and highly accomplished PhD thesis that was a pleasure to read. It addresses a topic of increasing relevance in disciplinary, interdisciplinary and policy debates – namely the sustainability outcomes associated with food provisioning and consumption. It moves beyond the conceptual and empirical limitations of existing approaches through robust engagement with contemporary social theory and methodological innovations”.

According to another examiner, “Bhavna has positioned her practice-theoretical, spatially informed research project to argue that not only is it necessary to focus on practices and change as collective processes leading to forms of food provisioning and consumption, she also shows that spaces and materiality need to be taken into account.”

Congratulations Bhavna!



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