Work / Life Ecologies

About the project

The Work / Life Ecologies Project aims to understand staff and students’ broader lifestyles as part of a work-life ecology, occurring a cross a range of spaces, both physical and virtual. In using the term work-life ecology, rather than the more common term ‘work-life balance’, we argue that these two realms have become interrelated in contemporary society. The opportunities for these domains to infiltrate each other are increasing, be it through attending to email after hours, or through flexible work arrangements.

Of particular focus for this project are practices that have implications for the consumption of energy and water resources, and the opportunities for integrating sustainability into these in a holistic way. To this end, we have focused on practices in four areas: air travel, conferencing, eating, and smart buildings.

The Work Life Ecologies project will be conducting primary research, literature reviews, publishing, and engagement on these topic areas. We will periodically update this website with new articles, events, and other developments on the project. Please follow us on Twitter at @worklifeecology.


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